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When I started this website I was full of good intentions. I had planned to share some insights and strategies that would support neurotypical(NT) and neurodiverse(ND) communication. I am an NT mom raising three ND boys. Trust me, I’ve had more than my share of meetings with daycare providers, educators, and camp counsellors that began along the lines, “Everything seemed okay but then….”.

It was apparent in many of those meetings there were fundamental misunderstandings about what it meant to be neurologically different. Few people seemed to really understand, for example, that behaviours are a form of communication (always…not selectively) or that often NT communication is akin to solving a riddle for an ND person. Most people knew how to pay lip service to these concepts but only a handful seemed to have internalized them. I wanted to find a way to bridge that gap.

As I started creating material to post on the blog, I realized I was actually writing a memoir. The topics felt too large in scope to be distilled into any kind of ‘steps’ or ‘how to’s’. What I felt was missing, ironically*, was empathy. The best thing I had to share to bridge the gap were stories.

‘Write what you know’ is popular advice. What I ‘know’ is my experience of parenting kids with neurological differences. My sons have an Alphabet Soup of diagnostic acronyms- ASD, ADHD, SP, LD. Each day we give it our best shot. What works for one of my boys, may not work for the others. We make plenty of mistakes – and we learn from them. It’s often messy. It’s sometimes sad. Occasionally, it’s hilarious. We are definitely a work in progress!

Writing a memoir is a challenging work. I’ve benefited tremendously from the support of writing with others. As a result, I became an Amherst Writer & Artist (AWA) Facilitator. I thrive on the accountability and instant feedback that comes from writing in a group. When we all write together there is a special kind of magic generated. I created the Alphabet Soup Writing Group as a way to help others connect with that magic. It’s easy to buy into the myth that writing is lofty. In fact, it’s a form of creative expression available to anyone. We are all magicians in our own, unique way.

Alphabet Soup is the name of my memoir in progress and it’s the name I’ve chosen for retreats and experiences I facilitate. Alphabet Soup Writing Groups ‘stir the pot’ with guided prompts that subtly teach you writer’s craft. Toss in any genre you want: journaling, poetry, songwriting, travel writing, fiction, all creative writing is welcome! A group that cheers you on, focussing on what works in your writing is the key ingredient in Alphabet Soup Writing Group. We don’t critique. We listen. It’s a safe space and it yields surprising results.

Would you like to be part of the Alphabet Soup Writing Group community? Follow my social media feeds on Facebook or Instagram ( to be notified of upcoming events (or to read excerpts from my work in progress).

For now, I will be hosting online events. I hope to be able to travel to your group – or invite you to South Muskoka for a lakeside retreat in the near future.

Write on,


*one of the biggest misconceptions about neurodivergence is that Autistics lack empathy.

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