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We are a neurologically diverse family with an Alphabet Soup of diagnoses. In these pages I hope you will find more than helpful resources (but I have plenty of those to share!); I hope you will find insight, laughter, understanding and a shared community.

Autism and associated neurological differences have been vilified and fetishized in media. I think its time to take a look at an expanded definition of “normal”. Autistics have been a part of society as far back as we can remember and just like non-Autistics (I use the term neurotypical or NT), we are each unique individuals. What sets us apart, at times, are very different world views generated by nervous systems that pay attention to – and interpret information differently. There is no singular way to see a sunset or hear a great piece of music. There is no singular way to be human.

In these pages we’ll explore the many ways there are to BE in this world and to encourage, joy, acceptance and understanding between neurologically diverse (ND) and neurologically typical (NT) people. We’ve got more in common than you might imagine!

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